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TJC announces the premiere of its own augmented reality App

We are happy to announce that TJC is the first luxury shopfitter company that offers Augmented Reality (AR) App for our clients. How it works? Its operation is really simple. The client requests a user for his company and with it, he has access to a detailed projection of the furniture of his brand in any space. 
No other technology than an iPhone or an iPad is needed. Instantly, the furniture can be viewed in real scale. It is quite useful for prototyping, saving unnecessary traveling costs to the factory and avoiding waste of materials. Furthermore, it gives customers much more security when designing and ordering customized furniture.
This is one more step in the path to provide the maximum added value to our clients. Through technology, in this case AR, we offer an easier way to manage the design and installation of a space, visualizing it first, and facilitating client shopfitter communication, which is a priority for us.

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