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Crossworld is the TJC company that takes care of luxury retail furniture.

Maintenance in some of the most prestigious stores & airports.

The Crossworld Method:

What if you could spot problems before they happened?

Supervisor site survey & Incidences report

Organization of visits & Materials assessments

Workers Visit

Quality control

What does our clients obtain?

Useful life increase.
Increase the longetivy of the furniture by keeping the state of the stands in good conditions.

Function optimization.
Marketing staff focused on their comercial duties.

Qualified staff.
Multidisciplinary local teams and workshop vans.

Fixing Works out of your visit with mínimum cost, taking advantage of other routes. Installations for promotional campaigns.

TJC Group Know-How.
Deep knowledge of each Brand, and competitive prices and easy access to all the specific materials.

Prevention & Control.
Scheduled maintenance visits one year in advance for a better control. Efficient management of international visits.

Carefully Image.
The incidence prevention allow our client to have the stands in optimal state during the whole year.

30% off

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